Friday, February 24, 2012

County Comm Embassy Pen (Rev. 2) Black

Reminiscent of a police baton, County Comm's Embassy Pen (Rev. 2) Black is a stylish, formidable looking tactical defense writing instrument.  At 13 cm capped, it is of average length, its styling simplistic, with clean lines, sporting a sturdy aluminum pocket clip, a knurled grip section occupying its bottom half, incorporating integrated grip rings in this area.
                                                          (Photos courtesy of County Comm)

Below lies the tip crest housing area that unscrews to separate the upper and lower sections of the barrel.  When deconstructed, inside resides the ink cartridge which is a Fisher Space Pen black, SPR4 medium refill.  Apropo for this pen type, the Fisher cartridge increases its all around versatility.  I have since swapped out the medium Fisher refill for the fine black refill, but that is personal preference.

Interesting to note is this pen was constructed omitting the ability to post its cap.  County Comm's reasoning for doing this, per their website, has to do with lending the business end of the pen to someone, but holding on to its cap and theoretically according to County Comm, you should get it back.  Having a pen like this, my advice would be to "just say no."  Or carry a different pen just to lend out.  After all, this is a finely engineered writing implement, constructed from T6061 Type 3 anodized aluminum, its loss would certainly be a deficit in anyone's collection.

Writing with this pen is a comfortable, smooth experience.  Typical of pens with its heft, knurled grip and its incorporated use of the Fisher ink cartridge.  Add the attractive, ninja kubotan like design, and this becomes a writing instrument of multi - faceted proportions.  There are few pens which I feel "always" need to be made available to me, the writer.  The County Comm Embassy Pen (Rev. 2) Black is one.  Whether its with me in the field, or I'm sitting behind a well-appointed desk, this pen adapts and looks and performs well in any environment.

As such, I very highly recommend the County Comm Embassy Pen (Rev. 2) Black. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Hexagonal 0.4 mm Black

Available in eight colors, Muji's Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Hexagonal 0.4 mm inks a thin tight line on paper.  Available in both 0.3 and 0.4 mm tips, this is a workhorse of an everyday writing instrument.

                                                    (Photos courtesy of MUJI U.S.A.)
The barrel is constructed of a rubberized material, allowing easy, firm gripping during the writing experience.  Not at all scratchy, I find the ink delivery to be even, smooth and quite vivid on paper.  13.5 cm capped and 15 cm posted, this is one pen that rivals Pilot's Hi Tec - C and others in both the cost effective category a well as in delivery potential.  Ease of use is an understatement when using this pen.  If I had one complaint, it would be the employment of its clear plastic cap.  It sort of detracts from the pen's visual stimuli, as well as having a disengaging issue when removing it from the pen barrel.  Muji might have simply opted for a rubberized cap to circumvent this issue, hence providing the pen with a total matte black stealthy appeal. 

This aside, I enjoy using this pen so much, deciding to purchase more colors as well as the 0.3 mm tip variety was truly a no-brainer.  Definitely a member of my daily arsenal, it is without hesitation that I highly recommend the Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Hexagonal 0.4 mm Black.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tombow Object Rollerball Pen Matte Black

Elegance and style are the first words that come to mind when beginning to describe the Tombow Object Roller ball Pen Matte Black.  The matte black color, blended with its clean, timeless lines, makes Object seem like it should be gently placed in the handkerchief pocket of a black tuxedo. 
                                                 (Photos courtesy of Journaling Arts)

Constructed of lightweight aluminum, Tombow Object is balanced and sturdy.  At 5.5" capped, and 5.75" posted, it is of average length and has substantial girth at 12 mm in diameter at its widest circumference.   

The Tombow Object Matte Black sports a 0.5 mm black ink cartridge, and inks a very vibrant line on paper.  Tombow employs a waterproof, fast drying pigment ink that does not smear, skip or fade.  Inking quite smoothly, the cartridge is of the premium tungsten carbide rolling ball variety. 

This is one pen that is hard to put down.  Writing with it is quite a pleasurable experience indeed!
There is no issue with slipping or creeping as the barrel is half ribbed.  Only one potential issue could be when the pen is capped, uncapping calls for a degree of pull apart power.  My suggestion is for Tombow to consider machining in screw threads inside the cap and barrel area where the two connect. 
This would solve the problem, and add to the pen's elegance. 

The Tombow Object Roller ball Pen Matte Black has the appearance and overall performance of a pen worth three times its cost.  As such, I highly recommend it.