Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lamy Dialog 3 Palladium Fountain Pen, Ex Fine Nib

After reading many reviews, watching many videos, and just drooling over this minimalistic looking, artistic marvel, I decided to take the plunge.  I literally acquired this fountain pen for half of its retail cost.  I won an ebay auction, and if you know anything about ebay, its about being at the right place, at the right time.  So, I now have it, and you want to know, what do I think about it, right?  Okay, buckle up, I haven't written a review in a while so bear with me.

First impressions
Seeing the Lamy Dialog 3 in photos and on video is one thing, but holding it in your hand and inking with it on paper is a whole different level of experience.  It appears to be a long fountain pen, but is 14cm long which is fairly average in length.  It is 13mm in diameter, which is on the girthy side, but a side I like having large hands.  Because I purchased this pen on ebay, it did not come with the nice faux wood magnetic closure box which I have seen on videos, but I wouldn't have kept it in a box anyway.  I purchased an Aston black leather pen slip pouch for this sleek writing tool.  But I digress.  The designer of this pen, Franco Clivio, obviously sought to create a writing implement like no other on the market, and I think its safe to say, he succeeded.

What sets this pen apart from other pens is its method used to engage and retract the nib.  A clockwise twist of the midsection engages the nib which is a #5 14 Karat gold nib.  It has a plastic hood inside which closes and opens as the pen is twisted to open and close it.  At the same time, the clip pushes up and down.  It inks quite smoothly on paper and is a pleasure to use.  Its ample girth really allows someone with large hands like myself to enjoy the writing experience immensely!  The nib has some flex, and lays down a wet line, but not as fine as a Japanese ex-fine nib.  This pen has some weight to it also, weighing in at 45grams, it's not a lightweight by any stretch.

The Lamy Dialog 3 is a Fountain Pen that has a unique appearance and a feel to match when writing with it.  It has a smoothness unparalleled by most writing instruments I've tried to date, and affords its user a writing experience not soon to be forgotten.
As such, I highly recommend it!