Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why multi pens?

when I was in school, like so many of my classmates, I used those cheap plastic multi pens which later were lost or liberated by a classmate who didn't have one.   I loved the idea of having the different colors at my fingertips in order to place emphasis in a written message.  It was like carrying four pens in your pocket at one time.  As time passed, I came to acquire better quality multi pens and came to seek an even better quality in the utilitarian nature of the multi pen writing instrument. 
Only recently have I been fortunate enough to find others who share not only my enthusiasm for multi pens, but others who have joyous obsession for other writing tools as well.

In this blog, I share my obsession with you mainly about multi pens, but about other writing implements that have captured my penchant for utilitarian uniqueness.

That said, this blog should be entitled "Multi Pen Dimensions... and Beyond!  I welcome your feedback as well.
Thanks very much,

Sexy and functional!

Lamy Accent 4 in 1
 I am a huge fan of Lamy pens!  These pens represent form and function at its best level for me.  I came across the Lamy Accent 4 in 1 in 2004, and back then I had seen a lot of different multi pens, but none as sexy and functional as this one.  It has an elegance and style that is unsurpassed by many.  And its functionality is exactly what I was seeking.  The 4 in 1 employs the black m 21 Lamy refill which has a medium tip.  Writing with it is a dream as it glides across the paper like an Olympic ice skater.
I'm a lefty, and this pen supports the angle at which I move the pen across paper without smearing, which some lefties have a tendency to do.  Next is the pencil which holds 0.7mm lead that works for me because I have a tendency to lean on my pencil lead and ultimately break it off in mid stroke.  Also, the small white eraser under the top is an added attraction.  Next is the delightful orange highlighter. The m 55 refill,  is extremely useful for me when placing emphasis in a note or when reading text in a book where underlining is called for.  I  have written entire notes with the highlighter, which gives the reader a better sense of the emotion emitted when reading. 

I am one of those people who still uses a PDA (Palm T3), so for me the stylus is still an important implement for the 4 in 1 to possess.  When doing graffiti it is the same as using the ink nib, smooth and easy. 
Finally, I would say, purchasing the Lamy 4 in 1 accent was an excellent investment as I am sure to use this pen for years to come.