Monday, April 30, 2012

Lunatik Touch Pen

Well looks like I know where my next stylus pen for iPad will come from. Its the Lunatik Touch Pen. Check this out.

Here's the link for pre ordering:

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Trent Limir Touch Screen Stylus / Pen

I recently received an iPad 2 and found myself using it at times really wondering if, like my Palm T3 PDA, I wanted a stylus to do my typing, browsing, and basic touch screen use.  The answer after a few days of use was a resounding yes.  So the search began.  And as any iPad user knows, there are literally hundreds of styli out there for touch screen devices.  So I needed to narrow my search criteria.

I wanted a stylus which had very good tactile, screen sensitive capacity.  The reason being, I enclosed my iPad in a Griffin Technology Survivor Extreme Duty iPad 2 case.  This beast of a case is the ultimate iPad protection one can employ to keep their investment safe.  The case encloses the iPad in a protective polycarbonate front and back high impact resistant casing, and is then in turn surrounded by a thick rubber back cover.  Tested and approved for use by the U.S. Military, this case called for a compatible stylus which possessed a high degree of responsiveness when tapping through to the iPad 2. 
After much research, I narrowed my search down to five styli, all of which I will review at some point.  But my first choice was the New Trent Limir Touch Screen Stylus / Pen.  I wanted a stylus / pen for those times when a pen was needed close at hand to jot down impending notes while using iPad 2. 

But let's talk first about the stylus end of New Trent Limir.  Its tip is constructed with a micro knit fiber mesh material, which will not scratch the iPad 2 surface.  It is quite smooth when doing screen writing or games that require repeat motion.  It is also highly responsive when using with the Survivor Extreme Duty case. 

New Trent Limir is short at 10 cm, and rather slim when holding.  I would have preferred it at 5 to 5.5 inches in length.  But it is quite adequate when employing screen side.  I find the experience to be quite comfortable as I hold the stylus differently I find from that of a pen.

On to the pen end of New Trent Limir.  The good news is, New Trent Limir employs a D1 International type ink cartridge which I have long enjoyed using in quite a few of my pens. Simply twist the middle of the barrel and out pops the cartridge tip.   Having said that, due to New Trent Limir's short stature, writing for extended periods, such as this post for example, cause quite the writer's cramp.  There is simply not enough pen to hold on to.  My fingers were aching at this point in the Post writing.  Not a memorable experience.  Hopefully New Trent decides a longer version is in order for the larger hand users. 
Needless to say the pen use of this stylus pen combo will be limited to short sweet notes.  Thank goodness for the D1 cartridge. 

There you have it.  The New Trent Limir Touch Screen Stylus / Pen, a great stylus, and an average pen experience.  As such, I give it a limited recommendation. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Schrade U.S. Army Tactical Pen

I have developed an interest in tactical defense pens since my review of Schrade's  Tactical Fountain / Ballpoint Pen.  I simply appreciate their multi - functional potential.  In addition to their sturdy build construction, engineering and aesthetic appeal. 
So when I saw Schrade's U.S. Army Tactical Pen, well I was intrigued to say the least. 

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the authentic looking camouflage paint job.  Should a U.S. Army Service Man choose to place this pen in their ACU blouse top, pocketclip in, the pen would appear virtually invisible.

Constructed of impact resistant MARPAT coated aluminum, this kubotan designed pen can obviously withstand devastating attacks.  At 145 mm posted, it has an equal length capped.  When capped, U.S. Army's business end narrows to a rounded point that obviously has kubotan potential.  On the other end, the ink cartridge, a Hauser variety, is just so, so as a performer.  I swapped it out for a Schmidt P900 M, which completely made this pen a well inking machine.

Because U.S. Army is so well balanced, its heft is simply complemented by the Schmidt P900 cartridge.  It glides on paper, inking consistently and smoothly.  An attractive no nonsense writing instrument, Schrade's U.S. Army Tactical Pen, while certainly not for everyone, has an appeal unrivaled by any others in its class.  As such, I highly recommend it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Terzetti Peek-A-Bo Expanding Ballpoint Pen Black

I found this pen on eBay. The seller had purchased this line from China and it came without a branded name.  The seller then decided to give the pen line the name (his name no doubt) Terzetti.  (Catchy!)  When I saw it listed on Ebay, I really liked the design style.  It has a knurled chrome twist top, The pen has a degree of heft appeal which I also like.  The barrel is brass constructed, with a matte black paint job.  The tip crest and pocket clip are chrome metal.

The Peek - A - Bo name is obviously derived from how the pen tip is engaged.  When the knurled cap is twisted, the crest tip moves down from within the barrel into a locked position pen cartridge exposed.  Nice touch.

The cartridge is a non-descript Parker - style medium ballpoint.  Writing with this pen was basically uneventful.  I was neither wowed nor underwhelmed.  It was a forgettable experience, not matching the somewhat exciting pen design at all.  I immediately thought about finding a matching cartridge with which to swap out.  And so I did.

 I exchanged the original cartridge with a perfect matching Schmidt P900 m which has transformed this pen into a potential go - to writing implement.

The Schmidt cartridge is a smooth, consistent inking refill.  It gives Terzetti a whole other appeal.  This pen now has become a go - to writing instrument that is very comfortable and pleasing to use.

As such, I highly recommend it.