Friday, March 30, 2012

Rotring Tikky Rollerpoint EF Liquid Ink Pen - 0.5mm Black Ink

Not a big fan of disposable pens, I was not convinced that Rotring's Tikky Rollerpoint EF would meet my expectations.  But the one thing I knew it had going for it was the Rotring name.  So I purchased it from Jetpens and took it for a test drive.

What immediately captured my attention was its overall design and build quality.  I love its black polished barrel, constructed from quality ABS plastic, gleaming like a ebony baby grand piano.

The pen cap has a large chrome metal pocket clip attached and has branded on its top 'EF" for extra fine.  And indeed it has an extra fine 0.5 mm needlepoint tip that delivers a fine vibrant black ink line on paper.

This pen is a joy to use.  Its employment of free flowing liquid ink really allows consistency when inking.  My only complaint would be that it is disposable.  A pen that inks this accurately, should have been constructed as a refillable pen.

This Rotring, with its needlepoint cartridge, offers a precise, accurate feel when putting pen to paper.  It is a familiar feel of the quality Rotring is consistent of.  While I can appreciate Rotring's attempt at capturing a piece of the disposable market, they could also pay attention at reducing the carbon footprint.

That said, this is a daily workhorse of a pen; a writing implement that is a smooth, precision ink deliverer; one that can handle most any writing tasks.  As such, I highly recommend it. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lamy Scala Preview

I received this newsletter today from Lamy about their latest line offering, Scala.  I like the design from the photos.  Can't wait to take it for a test drive.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen 03 Fine Nib Black Ink

This beginner's demonstrator, the Preppy Fountain Pen by Platinum, is an inexpensive but effective writing implement that offers a smooth writing experience when putting pen to paper.

No skipping, smearing or feathering was noted,  as this refillable, economical pen simply delivers.

When deconstructed, Preppy reveals a well built writing instrument, whose ink cartridge is of considerable size.  It sports a black 03 fine stainless steel nib.  The ink line it lays down is much like a 0.7 mm rollerball pen.  It is an enjoyable experience writing full narratives with Preppy.  If I had any artistic ability, I am sure that I would appreciate more of how Preppy's lines can be alternated in width when inking.

But since I will simply be calling on Preppy for writing purposes, I shall enjoy its ability to effortlessly allow me to place pen to paper.  As such, I highly recommend it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lamy Tipo Rollerball Aluminum Pen

As a huge fan of Lamy Pens, when I first laid eyes on the Lamy Tipo, well I had to take it for a test drive.  Constructed from anodized aluminum and ABS plastic, Tipo has a light weight feel.  That said, it is a stylish sturdy handling writing instrument. 

Tipo came delivered in a trapezoidal box that when opened, lies flat and displays Tipo vertically held in place with a pop-up presentation holder.  Quite impressive!  Inside was the usual lifetime warranty slip from Lamy CEO, C. Josef Lamy. 

Employing the M66 ink cartridge, Tipo lays down a consistent vivid line on paper.  Its grip section is ribbed, giving the writer ample gripping potential. 

Its pocket clip is designed to double as the knock mechanism, its top end sitting 6mm above the pen's top.  When pushed directly down, the clip is locked when seated squarely in a circular groove on the barrel side.  If not done correctly, the clip returns back to its point of origin, unlocked.  This exercise is truly a learning curve.  Quite an unnecessary one at that.  I feel Lamy Tipo designer Wolfgang Fabian should have positioned the pocket clip so that when pressed in, not down, the ink cartridge would engage, and the clip would be recessed into the pen barrel, Ala the Lamy Swift, also designed by Wolfgang Fabian. 

That said, writing with Tipo is a smooth, consistent inking experience.  There was no skipping or feathering when putting pen to paper, typical of Lamy pens. 
All in all, my test drive of the Lamy Tipo was one which I found consistent with the quality and craftsmanship familiar of Lamy writing instruments.  Its true I have an issue with the pocket clip / knock mechanism, but that is not a deal breaker when all of Tipo's attributes are factored into this pen which make it a true pleasure to use.  As such, I recommend it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tombow Egg Rollerball Matte Black

Designated by Tombow as the Zoom 858 bw, but better known as the "Egg Matte Black", this pen won the prestigious European Red Dot award in 1989.  Introduced in 1987, and officially launched in 1988, it did not take long before Egg took off as a darling anomaly of the pen community.
                                                            (Photos courtesy of I Love Pens)

Touted as the "thickest" writing instrument in the world, Egg is the antithesis of the Zoom 707, Tombow's "thinnest" offering to date.

In its attempt to expand creative muscles, Tombow, a producer of artistically designed writing instruments and creative office products since 1913, literally knocked this one out of the park with the amazing Tombow Egg Rollerball Pen.

Unusual is an understatement when describing Egg.  Its specs read: 108 mm capped, 134 mm posted, and a whopping 20 mm in diameter.  Coupled with the matte black color and the incorporation of velvex coating over an ABS plastic barrel, makes this Egg a go-to writing implement of choice. 

As somewhat of a "Cult" pen, if located, Egg is available in Gloss Black,  Silver,  Matte Grey, the rare White Egg, and of course Matte Black.  The Egg family also includes the even rarer Egg Fountain Pen.
 Tombow employs a smooth writing liquid pigment black ink inside of a 0.5 mm fine point cartridge.  It lays down a vibrant black ink line on paper.  Using this pen is a real treat.  Having large hands, I personally appreciate Egg's ample girth.  Is this ergonomic marvel for everyone?  Probably not.  Those with smaller hands may complain it is too thick, or that it is way too short.  Maybe Tombow's Zoom 707 is for them.  I however thoroughly enjoy calling upon the Tombow Egg Rollerball Matte Black Pen for a host of writing tasks, as such I highly recommend it.