Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lamy 2000 Multi Colour Ballpoint Pen

As a huge fan of Lamy pens for over a thirteen years, I have always appreciated the quality and style present in each of Lamy's offerings over the years, of which I have acquired a few.  In this review I will examine the Lamy 2000 Multi Colour Ballpoint Pen, picking it apart quite profusely. 

Designed by Gerd A. Muller, and brought to market in 1966, the Lamy 2000 embodies an understated retro look.  The line of Lamy 2000 pens includes the original 2000 fountain pen, ballpoint, mechanical pencil, and multi color ballpoint which we are looking at currently.

The Lamy 2000 Multi Colour Ballpoint is constructed of makralon, a fiberglass / polycarbonate material
with brushed stainless steel at the cartridge tip, knock and pocket clip.  This makes for a lightweight yet very durable writing implement, and quite sustainable.  The pen employs Lamy's M21 refills, black, red, blue and green.  They all ink adequately when applying on paper, I would however like to see a fine gel tip refill available as an alternative.  Also welcome would be additional refill colors like blue-black, turquoise, and brown.  That aside, Lamy inks are consistent, without any sort of skipping or hesitation when writing, while being waterproof and smudge proof as well.

This pen, like the Lamy Accent and Logo Multi pens, employs the gravity select mechanism which offers a shift in ink color by laying the pen horizontally while turning it to the desired color code located at the top near the head of the pocket clip.  Once the knock is retracted, the chosen ink cartridge is engaged, no fuss, no muss.  That said, there is a slight rattle when the knock is disengaged.  It is the Achilles heel common to most multi pens, one which I have learned to live with when considering a pen's other distinctive qualities, of which the 2000 has many.

Above all, it has a timeless appeal, and form truly follows function in the case of the Lamy 2000 Multi Colour Pen.  As a ballpoint pen which offers four individual colors of inking ability, there are many occasions that I call upon this pen to complete a scribing session.  The brushed barrel offers a great feel when writing, all without slippage.  This pen has an elegance which actually seems to improve my handwriting.

In my humble opinion, Lamy got it right with this offering.  The M21 refills withstanding, I enjoy the writing experience provided by the Lamy 2000 Multi Colour Ballpoint Pen and as such give it a high recommendation.


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