Friday, August 12, 2011

Fisher Bullet Space Pen Matte Black with clip

Out of all the pens in my collection, the Fisher Bullet Pen is the workhorse of the lot.  It stays in my pants pocket regardless of any other pen(s) I choose to carry for the day.

Fisher Space Pens were first on the scene in 1948.  Created by Paul C. Fisher for astronauts in the NASA Space Program.  They arre of slim build; made from anodized aluminum and have a gas pressurized, hermetically sealed, thixotropic ink cartridge that can write in virtually any position, through grease, including underwater, and many other adverse environmental conditions. 

I have used Fisher Bullet Pens for over a decade, and unless they were lost, and some were, they have always proven their worth.  I prefer a pocketclip  on my pen, as it circumvents it from rolling off a flat surface.  When the pen is posted it is 13 cm long.  When capped, 9 cm, about two thirds that length.  The matte black allows a firmer grip when writing, and the ink cartridge glides smoothly across paper.  I am currently using the black fine tip cartridge, which I prefer, which cost $5.00 from Fisher Space Pen, Boulder City, NV.

The pen's lower half tightly screws on and off, and has a rubber O ring which seals the cartridge quite well within the barrel shaft.
The pen is perfectly balanced when writing. and smoothly inks on paper, drying instantly without feathering.  I think the fine tip allows you to place written text more precisely and accurately on any page or form.  I find the rather wide ink cartridge barrel lasts for extended periods even when using on a daily basis.  When deconstructing the pen, what is apparent is how finely machined the barrel is.  The bottom half holds the ink cartridge in a spring loaded fashion; and provides very little wiggle room when top and bottom halves are secured. 
A timeless writing instrument, the Fisher Bullet Space Pen comes in an array of colors and styles.  I have several different styles and colors, but the matte black remains my favorite.  With pocketclip, it can be purchased online at various websites for approximately $20.00.  It comes highly recommended and well deserving.

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