Friday, August 19, 2011

Moleskine Classic Rollerball Black Fine Tip

I know that Diane from Pocket Blonde blog reviewed this pen, which is where I first saw it and thought it to be quite an unusual looking writing instrument.  It reminded me of a carpenter pencil, like Diane commented in her review.  But the designer took the carpenter's pencil concept to a whole other level.  So after I read her review I decided to see if what I thought was going on, was indeed going on.  And indeed it is!
First off, let me thank Diane for introducing me to this truly remarkable writing instrument.  Shortly after her review, I ordered one and it came in the mail a few days later.  As I had just recently purchased a Moleskine journal, I felt this pen would sort of compliment it.  Sort of - huh!  Yeah, like a hand in a glove.  This pen was made to go with Moleskine Journals.  I mean literally.  The cap has a very uniquely designed pocketclip.  One that wraps around the edge of your Moleskine Journal and attaches itself there like an appendage.  What a concept!  Oh and did I mention the pocketclip is constructed of a rubber material that grips to the journal and will not accidently slide off its edge.  Truly a thought - through design concept.

Moleskine Classic RollerBall Pen - 05 Fine

The barrel is costructed from a high quality matte black plastic that feels rather comfortable when holding.  The rectangular shape actually feels rather comfortable as well when placing pen on paper.  It's an organic feeling - like its suppose to be rectangular in shape.  The ink cartridge tip is of the 0.5mm variety, and is also available in the 0.7mm variety.  It contains a gel ink that appears wet when first spotting on paper, but dries rather quickly, I find.  I felt the tip was a little scratchy when I first started writing.  But I got used to the feeling.  The pen asks you to sort of relax your grip and not to choke up as low on the barrel when writing.  A learning curve, if you will.  When I deconstructed the pen, inside I found a rather long spring at the top where the pen unscrews to reveal its inner workings.  That spring was followed by the longer ink cartridge.  The cartridge appears to have longevity capacity - a writer's pen!

My overall impression of the Moleskine Classic Rollerball is that Moleskine knocked it completely out the park with this one!  Simplistic, yet classy.  In addition, there is a silver metal edition, as well as pencils of the same quality and build.  I can easily see having the entire family in my collection. 
 At $14.95 its definitely a steal.  I highly recommend the Moleskine Classic Rollerball fine tip pen.


  1. Nice review, thanks for the mention. One thing I noticed is how this pen completely disappears against the black cover of a journal, moleskine or otherwise. I've actually gone looking for the pen thinking it had fallen off.

  2. Yes, but I prefer a retractable pen.

    Jeff Mazza