Friday, October 28, 2011

Muji Hexagonal Ballpoint Pen

Rather diminutive, slim in stature, and constructed from matte silver aluminum material, Muji's Hexagonal Ballpoint Pen delivers.  Like its brother, the Muji Round Ballpoint Pen, it is minimalistic, with no mention of the Muji name in sight, apart from its build commonality.

Normally, pens this slim don't provide me with the comfort needed to write for extended periods, however this pen, because of its six-sided form factor, allows me to re-adjust when needed in order to comfortably continue writing without pause.

Its ink cartridge is of the 0.7mm variety, with a needle point tip.  This gives the pen the ability to ink thinly on paper, flow smoothly and glide with ease.
 The pen disassembles by unscrewing the tip crest at the bottom of the barrel, thereby exposing the ink cartridge.  It is a rather thin refill, and as previously mentioned, constructed with a needlepoint.  Because Muji's website lists both the pen and the cartridge as "out of stock," purchasing refills is with some uncertainty.  As with the Muji Round Aluminum Pen, if anyone knows where refills can be purchased, please let me know.

Thusly, I am enjoying the use of the Muji Hexagonal Ballpoint Pen with some immensity, and as such, I highly recommend it.

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