Friday, October 21, 2011

The Ultimate Geek Pen

The Ultimate Geek Pen has quite a lot going on.  With a name like that, it would have to.  It touts five devices in one pen body.  I shall breakdown each of them with a close focus on the most noteworthy.

The Ultimate Geek Pen has a sort of novelty / gadget appeal to it.  As an offering by the Neato Shop, and manufactured in China for Accoutrements, LLC., it focuses on its ability to provide multiple light sources in one instrument.  Let's see what all the hoopla is about.  Including its writing performance.

Measuring 13cm, the Geek is rather short in stature.  A matte silver color, with shiny silver appointments,  it is rather light in weight, being constructed from a light weight aluminum material.  All of the light sources occupy the upper half of the pen body.  Powered by three LR41 Button Cell batteries, the first light source is the Laser Pointer.  Activated by pressing the top button on the pen's side, it produces a strong red beam, that of a class IIIa laser product, putting out 5mw, more than adequate for hours of presentation use or playing with the cat.  Next is the UV Light, which can be used to detect counterfeit bills.  It is activated by pressing the button below the first.  Now this light produces a bright blue light, and I will take Geek's designers word that it actually does what it says, for I fortunately or unfortunately have not put this feature to the test.  However it is there for your using pleasure.  When you press the same button a second time,  the goose neck flashlight is activated.  It shines a rather powerful LED light when needing to write in low light environments, or if you simply need a flashlight to illuminate the dark.  This feature for me proves to be quite impressive. 

Now as we move to the lower half of the pen barrel, at the tip lies the ink cartridge tip and the stylus tip.  A twist to the right engages the ink cartridge.  I found its inking ability adequate when applied to paper.  It was a bit scratchy, but produced a nice thin line when writing.  Ink dried rather quickly on paper.  My problem with it was the creeping nature of the pen barrel when writing.  It would prove really a chore when writing with this pen for extended periods.  Twist to the left and the stylus is engaged.  When employing it to my Palm PDA, it too performed adequately, again creeping when writing Graffiti.  That said, this is a gadget pen that can be more resourceful for its light sources, and when writing short notes in darkly lit environments.

The Ultimate Geek Pen can be purchased at the for $9.45 plus shipping. Apart from its creeping issues when writing,  It's a useful gadget to have, with useful features, and I recommend it.

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