Friday, December 23, 2011

Ohto Multi Pen Hexagonal Barrel 3 Points, Matte Black

The Ohto Multi Pen Hexagonal Barrel 3 Points, Matte Black has a tactical defense weapon appeal to it.  Maybe its the design combination of the hexagonal upper mid-section,  blended with the lower round, sculpted grip section.  All is covered with a matte black paint job.  The only contrast being the white model label on its side, and the function indicators at the pen top.  Also, the ribbed grip section has black glossy paint applied to each rib,  which sort of detracts from the overall stealthiness of its ninja-like appearance.

                                     (Photos courtesy of iPen Store)
Touted as a professional multi pen, and constructed from a brass material, it feels well balanced and substantial when holding.  Its features include: a black fine 0.7mm needle point D1 cartridge, a red D1 of the same variety, and a 0.5 mm lead holder.  The needle points are really effective when applying ink to paper, gliding smoothly, they bring out the best in my penmanship, and when filling out forms, makes the task an easy one.  Even the lead holder performs quite the same without breaking lead during mid-stroke.  There also lies a small eraser included under the pen cap.

The Ohto Multi Pen has a two step knock mechanism for engaging and retracting the pen's functions.  It engages by pushing down its cap, and disengages by pressing a side release button, both operate flawlessly.  The pen is deconstructed by unscrewing the hexagonal barrel section from the round barrel section.  The brass threads have quite a solid feel when performing this task, confirming the quality of craftsmanship used in this pen's engineering.  And while not designed to be a defense weapon, one gets the sense when holding it, that if need be, this pen could very well double as both a formidable tactical weapon, and an effective writing implement, all rolled in one.

The Ohto Multi Pen Hexagonal Barrel 3 Points is somewhat of a cult pen, due to its unusual design, and its elusive availability, at least here in the U.S.  Its been seen available on several websites, including Ebay.  Available in red, silver, gunmetal, glossy black, and of course matte black.  The D1 fine 0.7mm needle point cartridges are available in black, blue and red, to my knowledge.

The Ohto Multi Pen Hexagonal Barrel 3 Points is clearly a pen that I could get used to calling on for a number of writing tasks.  Its a versatile writing instrument, with the potential to do duty if needed as a defense weapon as well.  As such, I highly recommend it. 


  1. I have the old style of this pen and did not know they updated it. I may have to look around for it.