Friday, December 2, 2011

Schrade Tactical Fountain / Ballpoint Pen

Schrade's Tactical Fountain / Ballpoint Pen is a finely machined, versatile writing tool that doubles as a tactical defense weapon.  After using it for a while, there seems to be a lot to like about it, so I will highlight what is noteworthy to me.

What's immediately apparent about this pen is how well constructed it truly is.  Made with aircraft aluminum, the pen is quite sturdy and solid.  The pen's design is reminiscent of a Star Trek, Dr. Who device that catches attention immediately.  It is available in three colors; bronze, black, and silver.  I received the bronze pen for review.  When capped, the pen is 14.5 cm, but when the cap is posted,  it is right at 18 cm.  Very long indeed!
The pen comes with several different components that comprise its multi-functionality.  The fountain pen cap, ballpoint pen cap, pen cap, ballpoint pen ink cartridge, and fountain pen cartridge.  All assemble and disassemble quite easily by screwing them on and off without a hitch.  When capped, the bottom of the pen exposes the tactical body business end of the pen. 

The fountain pen nib is of the medium tip variety, and inks as smoothly as they come.  German made, the nib is stamped "iridium point Germany" on its face.  When capped, this pen presents quite a formidable looking appearance.  You might have some trouble getting it through airport security gates.
The ballpoint glides on paper and inks a very black ink color.  It is very comfortable when holding during the writing experience.  Its ribbed sides allow easy gripping, without the creeping issues of some aluminum pens.  It swaps out quite easily with the fountain pen component screwing on and off as needed.
Using this pen proved to be an intriguing writing experience.  I don't know if I'll ever need the tactical edge to defend myself with, but its good to know it is there, just in case.
I highly recommend the Schrade Tactical Fountain / Ballpoint Pen.


  1. Great post!
    This pen looks awesome.....elegant and deadly; what a great combo. What other instrument can write a note, make a sketch and crack a man's sturnum all at the same time?

    Where did you get? With luck, maybe Santa will add one to my survival gear.

    Tom, NYC

  2. Try Amazon, mine was a gift, just for reviewing. But yeah it has some heft to it and could potentially put out some hurt.