Friday, May 11, 2012

Moleskine Click 0.5 mm Rollerball Pen

When I reviewed Moleskine's Classic Rollerball Black Fine Tip Pen last year, several readers commented that they loved the way it performed, but really would love to see a retractable version produced by Moleskine.  Well the wait is now over.  Did this version of Moleskine's extremely popular and well received rollerball pen live up to the hype?  Let's see.

A huge fan of the classic version, I had very high expectations of this click version.  And guess what, it didnot disappoint.  Both versions measure in at 14 cm capped, Classic much longer when posted of course.  When Click's knock mechanism is engaged, it appears much shorter however.  But that's just from my vantage point.  Outwardly, both pens are constructed of the same high quality polycarbonate material, the trade mark rubberized pocket clip standing out at its top end.  However, that would be where the similarities seem to end. 

Gaining entrance into Click's inner workings proved a bit tricky.  Pocket clip facing you, on its right side is a semi - circular opening.  When a straight stick type instrument is inserted into the opening, the knock mechanism pops up, thus revealing the entrance to the pen's inner housing.  Quite an unexpected procedure for changing out ink cartridges!  Classic on the other-hand, employs a simple screw type barrel piece which is quite predictable.  Once inside, the ink cartridge is the same vibrant inking 0.5 mm cartridge that is seen in the Classic version.  Writing with this pen is simply a fulfilling experience.  There will be detractors who will point to the potential hassle of changing out refills, and it could be a deal breaker for them.  That said, I see Click as a result of Moleskine listening to their fans, and obliging them with another winner of a writing instrument.  One which definitely has a place in my daily pen rotation.  As such, I highly recommend it. 

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