Friday, July 29, 2011

Lamy Nexx M Anthracite Fountain Pen

This is my first fountain pen, hence my first fountain pen review.  I was mystically drawn to the Lamy Nexx M Anthracite for a number of reasons, but paramount was its simplistic, yet fabulous design.
It is very clean in its appearance.  The lines allow for a writing experience that is in many ways quite sensual.  But I'll get to that a little later on, back to the design.  Aesthetically, when I first spotted the Nexx M, my first impression was: "yeah, it's a Lamy alright."  Then I began closely examining the aluminum barrel design and how the metal triangulated ever so smoothly, so that when capped, the pen would not find itself rolling off of my desk and on to the floor.  The rubber grip area is also triangulated, and provides the writer with an extremely comfortable positioning ability; and being a left handed writer, I most appreciated that touch, as it allows subtle finger / hand positioning and repositioning as needed.
Additionally, immediately apparent is the familiar quality associated with Lamy pens.  Having owned and used Lamy pens for over a decade, I am very familiar with the quality craftsmanship consistent with these writing instruments.  However, I was not familiar with using Lamy fountain pens, which is an entirely unique and noteworthy experience by itself.  The Nexx M literally glides across the paper like an ice skater on ice.  What a total joy using this pen!  When ordering the pen, I was trying to decide which nib to choose.  My choices narrowed between fine, extra fine and medium.
was out of stock with fine nibs, so I chose the extra fine nib instead.  After placing my order, I read many more reviews about  this amazing writing instrument.  All gave it extremely high marks across the board.  I could hardly contain my excitement of receiving the pen in the mail.  Four days later, there it was in my mailbox. 
When I opened the envelope, I discovered a gray cardboard box, vented,  a sticker with the price ($28.00) and the name Lamy Nexx Fountain Pen Ex-Fine Black.  Inside was a warranty slip with CEO and Founder C. Josef Lamy's name, address and phone number in Heidelberg, Germany.  Then I opened the box and behold, there it was.  Above the rubber grip was a cardboard ring with the word "remove" on it.  Once the ring was removed, I screwed the pen back together and began trying it out on paper.  It began inking after a few trys and behold, a smooth writing experience began.

As I began writing, I thought, I can't remember using a writing instrument that felt this good, with the exception of my Lamy Accent 4 in 1.  But this proved to be a totally different writing experience.  The aluminum barrel with its industrial look, felt smooth and sensual.  The rubber grip gave the feel of comfort in my fingers as though I could continue writing for hours on end. 

But alas, I had only the one ink cartridge, and ink seemed to be pouring from the Nexx's nib as I wrote.  So I sum this review up by saying, the Lamy Nexx is truly an experience to be had by those who enjoy the feel of pen to paper.  It is one of a kind, and highly recommended. 

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