Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pilot Pentopia T2300-P 2 + 1

It was the year 2000 and I was in a campus book store buying office supplies.  There it was on a shelf at the cashier's counter.  I had recently purchased a Palm PDA and was not a real fan of the provided stylus.  But when I asked to see the Pilot Pentopia 2 + 1, lo and behold it had a built in stylus that when tested on my Palm's glass screen writing graffiti, it had the same feel as writing with a pen.   Additionally, pen and pencil were housed in the same chamber barrel side by side.  Not only that, it was constructed of very strong stainless steel.  The lower portion of the barrel ribbed for easy finger grip when writing. 
Well, needless to say, I had to have this pen.  I had not seen a pen like this in about ten years when I bought my first Pilot multi color pen while stationed in Saudi Arabia.  The same quality and craftsmanship was in the Pilot Pentopia 2 + 1. 
Fast forward to 2011.  The Pilot Pentopia 2 + 1 is still a relevant multi pen.  As I have stated in other posts, I am an avid user of a Palm PDA (T3),  and use the stylus to make entries on a regular basis. 
Also, the fine tip pen is able to make the sharpest of entries on forms while writing quite smoothly in narrative form.  The 0.5 mm pencil lead is strong enough to resist breaking during mid-stroke.  The eraser is large and swiftly removes pencil errors without leaving shadows on paper.  It is housed under a stainless steel screw on cap at the pen top.  The classic Pilot plunger mechanism for switching between pen functions also remains relevant and is easy to use when changing functions, without jamming or catching erroneously. 
A timeless writing instrument, and still available in both silver and matte black, the Pilot Pentopia T2300-P 2 + 1 is a worthy addition to my multi pen collection.


  1. Sadly, I just lost my Pentopia and I cannot find anyone who carries it any longer. Where did you see it still for sale?

  2. When I made this post it was still available at Stylus Central, but not anymore. Sorry.