Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pilot Dr. Grip 4 + 1 (Series 1)

I read some reviews on the Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1 Multi Pen on and I was thoroughly impressed.  I had previously used the Dr. Grip 1+1 and found it to be rather generic, but this Multi Pen had four colors of ink plus a mechanical pencil, and much more pizazz.  Reviews also spoke to its superb writability which by itself was laudatory.  In addition, its form was sleek, like a sports car, especially for a 4+1 Multi Pen.
I was sold, and had to have it.  In the product description, it said: "this Dr. Grip 4+1 has not yet made its debut in the United States and doubt if it ever would."  I was even more intrigued.  Cult pen?  Possibly.  So I placed my order on a Friday at Jetpens.  The shipping was free as I had also purchased several other writing implements which I review at a later date.  However, I was supposed to wait 3 to 7 days for delivery.  I just figured I would receive it the following Friday.  To my surprise, the following Wednesday, there was a small white shipping envelope in my mailbox.
My first impression after opening the package was how long the pen seemed.  However, it measured 14.5 cm; an average size pen.  Then I was immediately drawn to the overall design and how the orange and silver colors enhanced its gorgeous architecture.  Yes it is constructed of mostly plastic material, but this is a quality plastic that feels solid in the hand when writing.  The silver metal area is covered by a white, soft to the touch rubber grip, and feels comfortable in my fingers.  On Jetpens its says this pen is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation; so it comes highly recommended.  The bottom is a shiny metal, and is a perfect contrast to the orange color barrel.  It also matches the pocket clip, which I will discuss later.  The top houses a small white eraser under its cap.  The familiar Pilot plunger system for changing ink color is incorporated here as well.  It works flawlessly.

However, this Multi Pen has one added feature not seen before by me.  The pocket clip slides down to engage the mechanical pencil.  Wow!  Who knew?  What a nice touch by Pilot.  Giving the pocket clip
a dual role in the pen's functioning was genius.  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.
 Well, I could not wait to try this magnificently crafted instrument out on paper.   Just as I suspected, this pen did not disappoint.  The four 0.7mm color cartridges; black, red, blue and green, all flowed smoothly when tested on paper.  I found by having four colors to choose from allowed for a broader, creative toolbox.  Not having used green ink much, I was surprised at how it captured the essence of certain thoughts within the context I needed at the time of writing them down. 
The mechanical pencil holds 0.5mm lead refills.  The pocket clip easily slides the lead in place and writes as smoothly as its ink counterparts.  And surprisingly, I did not manage to break one while applying it to paper.  Not previously a huge fan of pencils, I find this unit easy to use, and one which I will call on more frequently.  The eraser is small in size, but there to use; and that is what matters.           
Overall, having this pen is the same as having a set of fine paint brushes ready to create written masterpieces on paper.  I highly recommend Pilot's Dr. Grip 4+1 Series 1 Multi Pen.

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  1. Whats the diameter of this pen? I actually have one but do not have calipers to figure out its dimensions. I am thinking about picking up a zebra sharbo multipen but am unsure which one i want. going to browse through your blog and see if you have a review on them. Just wanted the dimensions to compare it to the zebra sharbo x pens as some reviews say the zebra had a wider dimension than they imagined.