Friday, November 18, 2011

Muji Aluminum Round Fountain Pen

Muji's Aluminum Round Fountain Pen is the sibling to Muji's Aluminum Round Pen.  Its width is wider at 1cm, but the height is the same at 13.5 cm.  The finish on its aluminum alloy barrel is a total matte finish which gives it very sound grip when writing, despite having a knurled grip section.

I actually like the thicker body, a it feels more substantial when holding to write.  The nib is of the fine variety, and inks a nice thin line on paper.  The black ink is a very rich color, quite impressionable.  Muji's website lists the ink cartridges as out of stock, so buying them is with some uncertainty.  Not previously a big user of fountain pens, I find writing with this one quite a pleasurable experience.  This pen compliments its sibling in that regard as well.

It also maintains a minimalistic, clean, utilitarian appeal, equal to the aluminum round pen.  However, when doing a side by side comparison of pen meeting paper, I find Muji's aluminum fountain pen the top performer of the two.  This is a writing implement I could really get used to calling on for a wide variety of writing tasks,  As such, I highly recommend the Muji Aluminum Round Fountain Pen.

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  1. Hi Yo! On Muji's site they now do list the cartridges in stock for $1.50 a set of two. I do believe I'll stock up as I'm using this fine writing instrument daily now. Cheers! and good writing! tomas ☼