Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pilot Hi-Tec - C - Coleto Smart 4 Color Gel Ink Multi - Pen

This is the Pilot Hi - Tec - C  Coleto in a metallic gray body.  I wanted to review this member of the Hi - Tec- C family of pens based on its multi functionality.  Also, I wanted to look at the 0.4 mm ink cartridge's performance.
Now, I'm sure this pen has been reviewed quite a bit, so hopefully I can share with you some of my highlights that prove to present  different aspects of this pen, if you will. 
I ordered the pen from which I am really impressed with the rapid delivery time they strive to maintain.  I received the pen in three days.  That's amazing!  They definitely have a repeat customer here!

Let me start by saying, I really love writing with this pen.  I find the needle point, combined with gel ink a real enjoyment to use.  I ordered the 0.4 mm ink cartridges for my pen.  They are not at all scratchy on paper, and the ink dries very fast.  I also think using the Hi-Tec - C Coleto has improved my penmanship.  I mean honestly, I don't want to stop writing with this pen. Along with the metallic gray pen body,  I ordered black, blue - black, brown, and 0.5 mm pencil component as my ink color choices.

Later on, I will order additional color ink cartridges to try out.  The one which really grabbed my attention was the brown.  Not having experienced writing with brown ink before, I found it a pleasant change.  This color is a definite keeper.  The blue - black ink has quite the business appeal to it, and makes that sort of business-like statement on paper.  And of course, black is black, but this has quite a rich black hue on paper, I must say.  The 0.5 mm pencil component also delivered a nice rich colored lead line, not washed out like some lead holders.

The pen body is constructed of a light weight plastic material.  However, it does not feel cheap at all.  And more importantly, it does not creep when writing.  The metallic gray color has a definite business appeal to it.  This is a pen I feel comfortable using in my work environment as it writes well and looks fantastic, all in one.
There are no complaints about the Hi - Tec -C Coleto.  It delivers a pleasing writing experience, and I highly recommend it. 

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