Friday, January 13, 2012

Muji Wooden Hexagonal Ballpoint Pen, 0.5 Natural

The Muji Wooden Hexagonal Ballpoint Pen is an easy pen to like.  It is however a bit diminutive in stature, especially for those with large hands.  What compensates for the lack of girth and overall size, are several different attributes it possesses.  First is its form factor.  Being hexagonal in shape, allows easy gripping and easy hand paper coordination.  Second, it is constructed from California cedar wood (incense cedar), which is placed around an aluminum core. Tip and knock mechanism are both constructed from light weight  matte aluminum.  This also contributes to the pen's comfortable gripping feel during the writing experience.  The pen is very light weight, even lighter than a number two pencil of the same length.  At 12.5 cm, it is less than average in size.  It is the wood version of its brother, the Muji Aluminum Hexagonal Ballpoint. Also available as a mechanical pencil.  This is a pen that is effortless to carry and even comfortable when writing narratives of some length.
                                                       (Photo courtesy of Muji)
When deconstructing, inside resides a 0.5 mm needle point cartridge.  Currently both pen and cartridge are out of stock on Muji's web site.  A problem that seems to be a recurring theme with Muji writing instruments.  None the less, writing with this pen is more than efficient.  It inks a rather thin line on paper, and the ink is not washed out, but appears vivid and clear.  This pen is one that definitely gets used on a regular basis as it gets carried back and forth, and sits in an non-designated spot on my desk as well. 

At $6.50, it is reasonably priced, and performs like a pen worth twice that amount.  As such, I highly recommend the Muji Wooden Hexagonal Ballpoint Pen. 


  1. Refill are not ever available in NYC

  2. It can use pilot hi tec c refills, no problem,