Friday, January 27, 2012

Zebra B2A1 2 Color Multi Pen Silver

Zebra's B2A1 2 Color Multi Pen Silver, is an attractive, slim aluminum multi pen offering, but is not without a few issues.  Having used Zebra's F - 701 Ballpoint with the knurled grip, I felt Zebra had a better sense of aluminum barrel creeping issues.  Apparently I was mistaken.  After using the B2A1 for a week, my only resolve is to incorporate a rubber grip sleeve to circumvent the creeping which is perpetual when using this pen.  Writer's fatigue is an inevitability when using this pen for an extended period.  What's interesting to note is Zebra offers this pen in matte black and matte blue, which probably have less of this issue.
                                        (Photo courtesy of Winning Pen)

All that said, B2A1 Silver inks well on paper.  Incorporating Zebra's 4C - 0.7 mm cartridges, inking is a smooth but slippery experience.  Coming with blue and red refills, each is engaged by twisting the center barrel in either direction.  The blue ink cartridge produced a vivid ink line on paper.  An equal result occurred with the red cartridge.

The pen is rather short at 12 cm, and slim in diameter at 8 mm,  causing large hands to really make unnatural like adjustments when holding.  Had the creeping issue been a non-issue, this problem would be considered less of one.  Don't get me wrong, this is not a cheaply constructed writing instrument, and from cap to tip, B2A1 Silver is quite the looker.  I do however judge a pen by overall performance as well.  As such, it is with some reservation that I recommend the Zebra B2A1 2 Color Multi Pen Silver.

(Update: I have since applied a rubber grip sleeve to the barrel which has now given this pen an upgraded rating of good). 


  1. Hi, how do u replace the ink cartridge. I got the pen yesterday and do not have a clue how to...

    1. Hi, take your hand and grip the bottom half of the barrel and pull straight down. This will expose the two ink refills. Then just pull the ink cartridge out that you want replace an and slide into the refill hole the new cartridge. Hope that helps.