Friday, January 6, 2012

Ohto NBP - 507R Promecha Ballpoint Pen, Blue

At first glance, the Ohto  Promecha Ballpoint Pen appears to look much like a mechanical pencil. And indeed it does closely resemble its mechanical pencil Promecha brother.  But don't let the knurled grip or the needle point tip fool you.  This is a finely crafted aluminum body pen, and precision writing instrument. 
Packing a 0.7mm needle point tip ink cartridge, Promecha delivers a thin, tight ink line.  At 135mm in length, and a slender barrel diameter of 7.5mm, this pen is balanced and feels comfortable when applying to paper.  Weighing in at 18 grams, Promecha is on the light weight side.  None the less, it feels substantial when gripping to write on paper.  The stainless steel knurled grip provides secure holding power, giving the writer a feeling of solid penmanship ability.
                                                     (Photo courtesy of iPen Store)
Promecha is available in four different colors, including: black, silver, gold and metallic blue, which I have chosen for review.  The pen cap is matte silver.  The knock mechanism working flawlessly when pressed to engage the ink cartridge.  Below it resides a removable shiny chrome metal pocket clip, which adds to the pen's flare and appeal.  To its side and further below, is the pen model and Ohto logo stamped in white.  Moving down its barrel, next is the knurled stainless steel grip section.  It is ribbed, allowing for an even better gripping ability when writing.  Directly below lies the metal tip housing section which screws off to reveal the ink cartridge and spring.

What's interesting is how the tip section is made to look telescopic, narrowing to the cartridge needle point tip.  This unique style feature sets Promecha apart from other needle point ballpoints indicative of its precision build and penning accuracy. 

Writing with the Ohto Promecha is simply a pleasurable experience.  It is a near perfect writing implement.  Could it be improved at all?  Probably.  But presently, I can't think of any addons I would make.  I personally like it as is.  And to that end, I highly recommend the Ohto Promecha Ballpoint Pen.