Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lamy Tipo Rollerball Aluminum Pen

As a huge fan of Lamy Pens, when I first laid eyes on the Lamy Tipo, well I had to take it for a test drive.  Constructed from anodized aluminum and ABS plastic, Tipo has a light weight feel.  That said, it is a stylish sturdy handling writing instrument. 

Tipo came delivered in a trapezoidal box that when opened, lies flat and displays Tipo vertically held in place with a pop-up presentation holder.  Quite impressive!  Inside was the usual lifetime warranty slip from Lamy CEO, C. Josef Lamy. 

Employing the M66 ink cartridge, Tipo lays down a consistent vivid line on paper.  Its grip section is ribbed, giving the writer ample gripping potential. 

Its pocket clip is designed to double as the knock mechanism, its top end sitting 6mm above the pen's top.  When pushed directly down, the clip is locked when seated squarely in a circular groove on the barrel side.  If not done correctly, the clip returns back to its point of origin, unlocked.  This exercise is truly a learning curve.  Quite an unnecessary one at that.  I feel Lamy Tipo designer Wolfgang Fabian should have positioned the pocket clip so that when pressed in, not down, the ink cartridge would engage, and the clip would be recessed into the pen barrel, Ala the Lamy Swift, also designed by Wolfgang Fabian. 

That said, writing with Tipo is a smooth, consistent inking experience.  There was no skipping or feathering when putting pen to paper, typical of Lamy pens. 
All in all, my test drive of the Lamy Tipo was one which I found consistent with the quality and craftsmanship familiar of Lamy writing instruments.  Its true I have an issue with the pocket clip / knock mechanism, but that is not a deal breaker when all of Tipo's attributes are factored into this pen which make it a true pleasure to use.  As such, I recommend it.

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