Friday, March 16, 2012

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen 03 Fine Nib Black Ink

This beginner's demonstrator, the Preppy Fountain Pen by Platinum, is an inexpensive but effective writing implement that offers a smooth writing experience when putting pen to paper.

No skipping, smearing or feathering was noted,  as this refillable, economical pen simply delivers.

When deconstructed, Preppy reveals a well built writing instrument, whose ink cartridge is of considerable size.  It sports a black 03 fine stainless steel nib.  The ink line it lays down is much like a 0.7 mm rollerball pen.  It is an enjoyable experience writing full narratives with Preppy.  If I had any artistic ability, I am sure that I would appreciate more of how Preppy's lines can be alternated in width when inking.

But since I will simply be calling on Preppy for writing purposes, I shall enjoy its ability to effortlessly allow me to place pen to paper.  As such, I highly recommend it.

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