Friday, March 30, 2012

Rotring Tikky Rollerpoint EF Liquid Ink Pen - 0.5mm Black Ink

Not a big fan of disposable pens, I was not convinced that Rotring's Tikky Rollerpoint EF would meet my expectations.  But the one thing I knew it had going for it was the Rotring name.  So I purchased it from Jetpens and took it for a test drive.

What immediately captured my attention was its overall design and build quality.  I love its black polished barrel, constructed from quality ABS plastic, gleaming like a ebony baby grand piano.

The pen cap has a large chrome metal pocket clip attached and has branded on its top 'EF" for extra fine.  And indeed it has an extra fine 0.5 mm needlepoint tip that delivers a fine vibrant black ink line on paper.

This pen is a joy to use.  Its employment of free flowing liquid ink really allows consistency when inking.  My only complaint would be that it is disposable.  A pen that inks this accurately, should have been constructed as a refillable pen.

This Rotring, with its needlepoint cartridge, offers a precise, accurate feel when putting pen to paper.  It is a familiar feel of the quality Rotring is consistent of.  While I can appreciate Rotring's attempt at capturing a piece of the disposable market, they could also pay attention at reducing the carbon footprint.

That said, this is a daily workhorse of a pen; a writing implement that is a smooth, precision ink deliverer; one that can handle most any writing tasks.  As such, I highly recommend it. 


  1. I am generally a fountain pen user, but I too checked out this pen and I love it. I like it so much I bought a back up.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah I think I might be headed back to Jetpens for another one myself!