Friday, June 17, 2011

Classic Wagner Swiss Army Pen

Being an affecianado of pens that have multiple functions, it was only natural that I acquire a classic Swiss Army Pen, made by Wagner of Switzerland.  Wagner, since the mid 1950's, has manufactured precision, high quality instruments and tools, and the Classic Swiss Army Pen is no exception.
When I first sighted the Classic Swiss Army Pen, I was given a choice between the red, blue or black upper body.  My utilitarian self chose the black one.  Now don't get me wrong, they all are works of art. 
The craftsmanship is of a very high standard.  And my eye was fixated on the one with the ebony upper half.
As I held the pen, I was struck by its substantial weight and size.  It is 14.5 cm which is the average length for a pen, but it is rather broad from top to bottom.  The lower half is constructed from surgical stainless steel and other metal alloys which make it water resistant, even to salt water.
Inside the stainless steel casing is a Fisher Space Pen pressurized refill which is highly impressive.  This allows the user to write in virtually any position, including underwater.  A simple twist engages the pen, and in the other direction disengages it. 

The upper body is where Wagner employs victorinox tools plus.  One side houses a small folding knife / letter opener and a screwdriver / nail file.  The other side houses a pair of scissors.  The Swiss cross logo in the middle activates a red map light when pressed.  The light is powered by a CR 1025 / 3v battery that can be removed.  Turn the pen over and you'll find a removable recessed stainless steel clip.  This clip would probably peak the interest of would be Macguyvers, as it appears to have multiple potentialities. 
I cannot over emphasize the quality and craftsmanship used in creating this multi pen.  It has the appeal and feel of a surgical instrument when held, and writes as smoothly as any high end pen could. 
It retails for $50.00 on Wagner of Switzerland's site, but can be found cheaper on other sites. 
Thw Classic Wagner Swiss Army Pen, truly a gem of a multi pen to own.

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  1. This pen is a great idea. I bet my husband would love it. I think I will add it to my mental Christmas list for him since he is impossible to buy for!