Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lamy Logo Tri-Color Pen

The Lamy Logo Tri - Color Pen is one of those Multi pens that is somewhat of a cult pen for me.  When I first saw it about seven years ago, what struck me was its simple clean design, and how Lamy incorporated the mechanism for changing ink colors within the pocket clip housing.  It operates smoothly and seamlessly.  The only thing I would have done differently is to close the opening behind the clip that exposes the inner pen workings.  This personal quip aside, the high quality matte black plastic/metal barrel engages the desired ink color when facing you and pressed down in place.
Employing Lamy M 21 refills, the Logo Tri - Color has a smooth flow, when pen meets paper it produces a medium pen stroke which is good for writing narratives such as this.  For writing in more finer detail, I would prefer a fine tip.  When using the red tip, I found no difference in ink flow, but I was pleased with the striking difference the color makes on paper.  The red ink color seemed to place a certain emphasis on the written word.  Expression for emotional content!  Comparably, the blue also allowed for a shift in emotional attitude when trying to convey a certain feeling on paper.  While black tended to neutralize the written content.  The grip toward the pen bottom was slight but efficient. 

For a Multi pen, I find the slim build an attractive change from the more chunkier, thicker Multi pens I have in my collection.  Fast forward seven years later, this pen still gets used on a regular basis by me.  It should be mentioned, the Tri-Color Logo multi pen is part of a larger Logo family that includes a matte silver Tri-Color, single ball point,  and a fountain pen. 
The overall feel of using the Lamy Logo Tri-Color pen is very much like using paint brushes on canvas in terms of the writing experience and feel. A cult pen?  Maybe.  A finely designed and constructed writing implement?  Without a doubt.