Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lamy Pickup

When my wife was studying for her Masters degree, I noticed that she frequently used two implements apart from her computer; ink pen and highlighter.  She seemed to have either one while searching for the other, or vice versa.  In her searching, she would ultimately come and ask me for a highlighter or a pen. 
So when I went online looking for a solution to her continuing problem, of course I looked to my favorite pen maker, Lamy, for assistance.  Enter the Lamy Pickup, a stainless steel multi pen with both solutions to my wife's dilemna.  Not only did the pen have a highlighter and a pen, but it had the "cool" factor that I have come to love about Lamy products. 

What "cool" factor you ask?  Let's start with the obvious.   Centered on the barrel is a green and black bullseye which when pressed, releases on the pen top, a yellow highlighter.  Intriguing?  Yes, and cool!
The Lamy M 51 highlighter reveals itself and once the job is done, pushes back down into the pen barrel with a snap to secure itself there.

Done yet, no!  The act of engaging the pen is accomplished by turning the rubber grip to the left.  However, once this motion starts, the chamber below the grip appears to move up and reveals the writing pen tip.  And when turned in the opposite direction, the pen tip literally disappears inside the barrel chamber.  To make this magic happen, Lamy has employed the M 22 pen refill which is small in stature, but compensates by being much wider than the average pen refill. 
Well when my wife received this incredible multi pen, it became her writing implement of choice and continues to be today.  Lamy has made a followup to the Pickup, but I have not had the pleasure of using that one yet.  Lamy has once again knocked it out the park with the amazing Pickup.  Way to go Lamy!


  1. i"ve been looking for something like this for a long time! there are a few low quality options out there but nothing really worth it. Where did you get it, if I may know?

  2. You can actually order this pen directly from the LamyUSA website!