Monday, June 13, 2011

Pilot TJM3 Multi Pen

When looking for a writing instrument, it's important to find that which has proper form and function for the task at hand.  Multi Pens come in a wide array of both.  When I first saw the Pilot TJM3, "The Just Meet 3," I said: "now there's a pen I could wrap my fingers around.  I was immediately drawn to its beautiful real wood barrel, which feels substantial in your hands. Available in both Light and dark colored wood, I opted to purchase the light maple colored pen.  The smooth feel of the wood makes for a very comfortable writing experience. 

The TJM3 incorporates at its top end, the same familiar plunger mechanism employed in the Pilot Pentopia 2 + 1 which I find efficient enough when  changing writing tips.  The TJM3 houses a fine tip black pen, a 0.5 lead holder, and a red stylus tip, which can be switched out for another pen refill if so desired.  However, it is not designed for tablet use. 

The plunger is constructed from a silver colored plastic and is attached to a rather broad pocket clip that appears to be well made and not prone to easy fractures.  The wooden barrel is constructed into two parts with a silver real metal ring separating the two halves.  The bottom tip is made of the same silver colored plastic as the top and screws off to reveal the three refills inside. 

The one thing I find missing, is an eraser under the rounded top of the TJM3 unlike the Pilot Pentopia 2 + 1.
However, at $12.99 from, Pilot was able to create an instrument of both beauty and function at a reasonable cost. 

This pen goes with me to work daily as of late, and does a great job of filling out forms and initialing small boxes secondary to its fine tip ability.  I highly recommend the Pilot TJM3 multi pen.

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