Friday, September 9, 2011

Coast LED Lenser- LL7590 Write & Light Pen Flashlight

I'm a fan of Coast flashlights; so when I saw the Coast LED Lenser- LL7590 Write & Light Pen Flashlight, I thought it appeared to be an interesting tool / writing instrument. 

Let me start by saying, this pen is very well constructed.  Coast maintains a reputation for producing quality products across the board.  Delivered in a metal gift box, this pen has elegance and heft to a quite stylish looking implement.  Made from brass with nickle alloy coating, the pen measures 12.5 cm in length, somewhat short in stature.  At the tip, a simple twist engages / disengages the 0.7 mm ink cartridge.  Above is a cylinder with finger grip ridges which covers most of the bottom half of the pen barrel.  The pen is a matte silver with the Coast logo along the upper side of the barrel. 

At the top of the barrel, the pocketclip protects the photon tube reflector micro tech switch for turning the flashlight on and off.  This switch has two different flash frequencies.  An initial flashing light, then it speeds up to a faster flash, and when pressed a third time remains constantly on.  I personally don't know of too many instances when I would employ the first two features, with the exception of an emergency situation. 
That said, it legitimizes the flashlight as an essential component of the LED Lenser Write & Light.  The flashlight employs Nichia LEDs, powered by four AG5, 1.5Volt batteries which have 110 hours of run time.  It should be stated, these batteries are somewhat difficult to find.  I have only found them on several websites, and they have a tendency to be out of stock at times.  While this is not a deal breaker, it does present an issue should the websites or stores discontinue carrying them alltogether. 

The Write & Light, it should be noted, is an either/or tool.  Because the pen and flashlight occupy either end of the body, you can either choose to write with the pen or employ use of the flashlight, not both at once in the way of working synchroniously, ala the Pilots Pen.  This sort of really asks one to understand their reasoning for having this pen.  For me, it is having the duo ability of pen and light at my fingertips.  I can find my way at night from my car to my house and open the door quite easily using the very bright light source offered by this pen.  Additionally, the ink cartridge, with a medium tip, literally glides across paper, making this a writing implement of choice.

At $20.00, I find it a worthy addition to my pen collection, if I can only keep it in batteries.  Therefore, I recommend the Coast LED Lenser- LL7590 Write & Light Pen Flashlight.

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