Friday, September 23, 2011

Muji Aluminum Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm

There's only one word to initially describe the Muji Aluminum Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm at first glance.  Wow!
I know its been reviewed before, but there is a feel that this pen has when holding it between your fingers and writing that needs to be explained in your own  words.

This pen, designed by the Japanese based company, Muji, is definitely minimalistic and utilitarian.  It is a matte silver color, constructed of a light weight aluminum metal.  No where on the pen boby will you find the Muji name.  Interesting.  At 13.5cm, the pen is average in size and slim in width, and very eye appealing. 

The tip is a needle point, 0.7mm ink cartridge.  This cartridge is one of the largest I have seen to date, more on it later.  Moving upward, the barrel begins with a knurled grip section which feels secure when gripping the pen between your fingers.  It also adds to the eye appeal of this amazing writing implement. 

The remainder of the barrel continues cylindrically to the top where things become even more interesting.  At the top is a recessed inner section that holds the pocketclip / cap section of this rollerball pen, allowing you to post the cap.  Initially when posted, the cap held firmly in place.  However, after removing and reposting over a period of several days, the cap loosened when posted.  Muji could have avoided this issue by simply machining screw threads within the recessed area. 

When deconstructed, what is obviously apparent is the enormous size of the ink cartridge.  It is of such proportion, it gives the impression the barrel was designed to accomodate it first and not the other way around.  An ink cartridge holder, if you will. 

This pen glides across paper and produces a nice thin ink line.  I love the needle point cartridge, but fear non-availability may be an issue in the future.  If there is someone reading this who knows of comparable substitute cartridges for this pen, please let me know. 

Meanwhile, I will continue enjoying using this finely crafted, beautiful work of art.  I highly recommend the Muji Aluminum Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm.

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  1. Not sure if your Muji pen is still around. Mine is. I found that OHTO's Soft Ink B-305NP fits (NP stands for needle point). You may be able to still find some online. The one I use now is the Schmidt 5285 Needlepoint Refill for Rollerball Pens. I found mine on