Friday, September 16, 2011

Pilot Hi - Tec C Coleto Lumio 4 Color Multi Pen

After reading several reviews, I was sort of intrigued with the Pilot Hi - Tec C Coleto Lumio Multi Pen.
It has a rather slim form factor, and can house four writing implements within its barrel.  It gives you the option of adding different color ink cartridges plus a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. calls the Hi - Tec C Coleto Lumio: " a business color line of plastic bodies in metallic shades for the workplace."

Jet Pens sells the body separately from the ink cartridges which you then opt to purchase based on your choice of color and ink tip size.  This allows you to really customize the pen to suit your needs.  It currently comes in three colors; black, silver and blue.  I purchased the matte black version which has a business appeal and feels great when writing. 

My caveat would be, I would add a rubber grip onto the lower barrel to give it a more secure feel.  But that is my preference.

Jet Pens gives you the option of purchasing 0.4mm or 0.5mm ink cartridges.  I chose all 0.5mm tips.  Of course in time, I may decide to switch out ink cartridges.  This pen is very light weight, but has a professional look and feel.  It inks smoothly on paper and the ink cartridges change rather easily from one to the other
when the plunger of each is employed. 

When purchasing the total ensemble of pen body, ink cartridges and pencil, the total cost came to $21.00 plus shipping.  When I look at that price point, I have to ask was it worth it?  After using the pen for several weeks, here is my response.

The Hi - Tec C Coleto Lumio has several features which make the value of this pen noteworthy. 
First is the employment of gel ink cartridges.  The use of gel ink really upgrades the writing experience of this pen.  This pen glides quite smoothly across paper.  It allows virtually effortless use.  The fact that you can switch from 0.4 to 0.5 mm cartridges and/or have them housed side-by-side evens up the versatality of this pen by leaps and bounds.  I only wish this pen was constructed from a better quality of plastic.  It has a somewhat fragile feel to it when gripping.  The plungers also feel rather flimsy when switching from one cartridge to another.  I don't know how many bumps and bruises this pen can take before breaking. 
This is not a pen I feel comfortable carrying in my pants pocket on a daily basis back and forth to work. 
I would worry about it potentially breaking during transport.  But it is a great desk pen.  A pen to write letters, blogs and figure out bills with. 

So in conclusion, I give the Pilot Hi - Tec C Coleto Lumio a Good recommendation overall, with a High recommendation on performance.

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