Friday, September 30, 2011

Fjader Capped Black Chrome Ballpoint Pen

Fjader (pronouned "Fader") means feather in Swedish and this pen's unique shape resembles a feather. Weighing in at 10 grams, it is almost as light as a feather.  The unique shape is also ergonomic which gives this pen a very comfortable grip when writing. 

Developed by Gustav Innovation, launched in 2008, Fjader sought to bring an offering to the market that spoke elegance, beauty, and ergonomic styling. 

Enter the Fjader Capped Ballpoint Pen.  Available in three colors: black, red, and white, the pen comes in the rollerball variety as well as the desk model with stand. 
For this review, I will focus on the capped black chrome offering. 

The Fjader Capped Ballpoint is ergonomically constructed.  The feather plume body design is made from a hard rubber material.  A chrome metal tip forms the business end of the pen.  This section is triangular in form, connecting with the the rubber section, and then tapering off into a narrowing section that ends sharply to a tip.  Being a lefthanded writer, I appreciate the inward curve it takes at about 1.5 cm upward from the chrome tip.  It allows my thumb to comfortably sit in the curve, while my index finger rides naturally on top.  The rubber body allows natural gripping to be accomplished with ease.  On the bottom end, close to the chrome, is a logo, "G" with a crown.  The "G" is for Gustav Innovation, the creator of Fjader Pens. 

When deconstructing this pen, the chrome section unclips fom the rubber body, revealing the ink cartridge held within.  It is a medium tip, with branded on its side.  I am not a big fan of how it inks on paper.  It has a sort of generic, non-distinct color, sort of washed out.  I am considering swapping it out with a Lamy m21 refill.  Performance on such an ergonomically designed implement simply needs to have the best performance mechanism within. 
With that, I believe the Fjader would become a very smooth writing implement. 
I give this pen an average performance recommendation, with a high recommendation on overall design.

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