Friday, April 6, 2012

Terzetti Peek-A-Bo Expanding Ballpoint Pen Black

I found this pen on eBay. The seller had purchased this line from China and it came without a branded name.  The seller then decided to give the pen line the name (his name no doubt) Terzetti.  (Catchy!)  When I saw it listed on Ebay, I really liked the design style.  It has a knurled chrome twist top, The pen has a degree of heft appeal which I also like.  The barrel is brass constructed, with a matte black paint job.  The tip crest and pocket clip are chrome metal.

The Peek - A - Bo name is obviously derived from how the pen tip is engaged.  When the knurled cap is twisted, the crest tip moves down from within the barrel into a locked position pen cartridge exposed.  Nice touch.

The cartridge is a non-descript Parker - style medium ballpoint.  Writing with this pen was basically uneventful.  I was neither wowed nor underwhelmed.  It was a forgettable experience, not matching the somewhat exciting pen design at all.  I immediately thought about finding a matching cartridge with which to swap out.  And so I did.

 I exchanged the original cartridge with a perfect matching Schmidt P900 m which has transformed this pen into a potential go - to writing implement.

The Schmidt cartridge is a smooth, consistent inking refill.  It gives Terzetti a whole other appeal.  This pen now has become a go - to writing instrument that is very comfortable and pleasing to use.

As such, I highly recommend it.

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