Friday, April 13, 2012

Schrade U.S. Army Tactical Pen

I have developed an interest in tactical defense pens since my review of Schrade's  Tactical Fountain / Ballpoint Pen.  I simply appreciate their multi - functional potential.  In addition to their sturdy build construction, engineering and aesthetic appeal. 
So when I saw Schrade's U.S. Army Tactical Pen, well I was intrigued to say the least. 

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the authentic looking camouflage paint job.  Should a U.S. Army Service Man choose to place this pen in their ACU blouse top, pocketclip in, the pen would appear virtually invisible.

Constructed of impact resistant MARPAT coated aluminum, this kubotan designed pen can obviously withstand devastating attacks.  At 145 mm posted, it has an equal length capped.  When capped, U.S. Army's business end narrows to a rounded point that obviously has kubotan potential.  On the other end, the ink cartridge, a Hauser variety, is just so, so as a performer.  I swapped it out for a Schmidt P900 M, which completely made this pen a well inking machine.

Because U.S. Army is so well balanced, its heft is simply complemented by the Schmidt P900 cartridge.  It glides on paper, inking consistently and smoothly.  An attractive no nonsense writing instrument, Schrade's U.S. Army Tactical Pen, while certainly not for everyone, has an appeal unrivaled by any others in its class.  As such, I highly recommend it.

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